World percussion: Portugal (part I)

Today I bring you guys my knowloge about portuguese percussion. The root of portuguese drumming is an instrument called Bombo. In festivals, usualy a group of Zes Pereiras plays in the morning waking up the villagers.

In the Miranda do Douro region there is a special type of drumming group called Pauliteiros de Miranda. They are known because of wearing skirts and playing with sticks. Usualy they do some funny performances with some skilled moves.

As for major percussion events, once a year, Toca a rufar - a project started by Rui Junior to take the kids out of the streat and teach them percussion - promotes the portuguese national drum day, filled by nation wide groups. As I talked before I make one appearence on the 2010 edition, grabbing the second place on the competition.

This year toca rufar 2012 takes place the 27th May, in Seixal (Portugal).
Please visit Portugal a Rufar 2012 for more information.
More about Portugal soon, stay in touch.
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John Henry Bonham

Today i bring you John Henry Bonham born in the 31 of May 1948 and died in the 25 of September 1980.
He was the drummer of the Legendary Hard rock band Led Zeppelin.
While being a genius drummer he had a big drinking problem that in the end resulted in his dead, he drowned in his own vomit after falling asleep while being drunk.
His dead marked the end of Led Zeppelin in 1980, but in 2007 the band reunited to do a legendary concert in the London 02 Arena where Jason Bonham took his father place as the bands drummer.

The most famous music where Bonhan show´s off he´s talent, it’s named Moby Dick.

R.I.P. John Henry Bonham 1948-1980

Stomp! - An incredible show

I really wish i could ever see them live. They inspired me to play percussion. They are, in my honest opinion, one of the greatest group in the world. They have the right amount of humor, skill and they own a show that demonstrates the power of what percussion really is.
The first video is pure skill. If drumming with your feet on the ground can be tough imagine playing hanged by a rope.

The next video i want to show you guys is to show that percussion can be made without fancy instruments, they only use their foots and brooms. Yes thats right brooms. When i first saw it i really couldn't belive on it but its true. I bow for Stomp! on this video.

More from Stomp! coming soon.
I leave you guys with their website, please pay them a visit they really deserve and if you can go see them on a live stage, you won't regret .

Stomp! website

Be-dom and Wok - Percussion from Portugal

Today i want to give you the opportunity to know two amazing groups from my country.

First of all, be-dom is a music project that aim to do percussion with all the imaginable things. They are very good in what they do, there music is smooth and well created. I want to leave they're blog, please visit them here.

And yes, today I wont step out of my country, the next video is from members that came from the largest percussion group called Tocá Rufar. 

This is a show from the veteran member Rui Júnior, founder of Tocá Rufar. The show is incredible. All the things were well planed: the clothes, the style, the rhythm. A true masterpiece.

Check them out at

Little Boxes - Little pipes

In this amazing song, you can notice that small percussion can make an entire music. Its all about adding the perfect tones into the perfect tempo. Rhythm  is my passion and i simply love this song because of this "tiny" beats from the most improbable instruments :)

Talking about improbable instruments, I finish this post with my tribute to this young man that decided to make is own instrument based on pvc tubes. A pleasure to see this kind of initiatives from the younger generations. I bow for you young man. Not only he creates a fantastic instrument as he learn well how to play it.

The songs in these Medley are :
-The Office Theme Song
-Linus & Lucy
-The Turkish March
-Mario Bros. Theme
-In The Hall of the Mountain King
-Bad Romance
-Viva La Vida
-Like a Virgin
-Crazy Train
-James Bond
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-The Final Countdown

Process of creation in Bomboemia

The year was 2010 and we got an invitation to the national percussion challenge. We decide to create a new hit to magnetize the jury.

First we heard plenty of musics to get some inspiration and after we heard this one:

 we start to formulate some rhythms a put them together. After a few weeks of hard work we manage to create it. The last step was to train all the members to play at the perfect tempo and rhythm. We took a weekend for the group and we start to rehearse seriously. After a couples of weeks we manage to have all elements trained and ready.

As the result of the hard work and effort we won the prize of best composition and a second place in overall.
I don't have any video with good quality. This one is a bit low but that is all I have from that day:

Comedy: Rowan Atkinson

Sometimes we dont need any instrument to play beside our imagination. This master sure have a place in my blog. Go Rowan Atkinson!

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