Little Boxes - Little pipes

In this amazing song, you can notice that small percussion can make an entire music. Its all about adding the perfect tones into the perfect tempo. Rhythm  is my passion and i simply love this song because of this "tiny" beats from the most improbable instruments :)

Talking about improbable instruments, I finish this post with my tribute to this young man that decided to make is own instrument based on pvc tubes. A pleasure to see this kind of initiatives from the younger generations. I bow for you young man. Not only he creates a fantastic instrument as he learn well how to play it.

The songs in these Medley are :
-The Office Theme Song
-Linus & Lucy
-The Turkish March
-Mario Bros. Theme
-In The Hall of the Mountain King
-Bad Romance
-Viva La Vida
-Like a Virgin
-Crazy Train
-James Bond
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-The Final Countdown

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