Stomp! - An incredible show

I really wish i could ever see them live. They inspired me to play percussion. They are, in my honest opinion, one of the greatest group in the world. They have the right amount of humor, skill and they own a show that demonstrates the power of what percussion really is.
The first video is pure skill. If drumming with your feet on the ground can be tough imagine playing hanged by a rope.

The next video i want to show you guys is to show that percussion can be made without fancy instruments, they only use their foots and brooms. Yes thats right brooms. When i first saw it i really couldn't belive on it but its true. I bow for Stomp! on this video.

More from Stomp! coming soon.
I leave you guys with their website, please pay them a visit they really deserve and if you can go see them on a live stage, you won't regret .

Stomp! website

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