World percussion: Portugal (part I)

Today I bring you guys my knowloge about portuguese percussion. The root of portuguese drumming is an instrument called Bombo. In festivals, usualy a group of Zes Pereiras plays in the morning waking up the villagers.

In the Miranda do Douro region there is a special type of drumming group called Pauliteiros de Miranda. They are known because of wearing skirts and playing with sticks. Usualy they do some funny performances with some skilled moves.

As for major percussion events, once a year, Toca a rufar - a project started by Rui Junior to take the kids out of the streat and teach them percussion - promotes the portuguese national drum day, filled by nation wide groups. As I talked before I make one appearence on the 2010 edition, grabbing the second place on the competition.

This year toca rufar 2012 takes place the 27th May, in Seixal (Portugal).
Please visit Portugal a Rufar 2012 for more information.
More about Portugal soon, stay in touch.
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