Gavin Harrison - Porcupine Tree

Do you know the drummer Gavin Harrison? I didn't until now and I am tremendously ashamed for that. How could I not know a drummer like this one? He plays the drums at the Band PorcupineTree since 2002. He also plays with KingCrimson as guest drummer. I strongly recommend you to check out these bands.

Gavin Harrison was considered the best progressive drummer 4 years in a row from 2007 to 2010, by the magazine Modern Drummer. He has various instructional  books and DVD’s that you can check out in his website. Don’t forget to listen to his own CD’s in collaboration with 05Ric.
Stay tuned with this awesome video from Porcupine Tree. The song is Hatesong. As you should know this is not my favorite type of music but we have to show what’s good and in this song we can see a very good Gavin Harrison performance.

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